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Wildwood Lake will be lowered a maximum of 24 inches starting September 15, 2021.  At a rate not to exceed 0.25 feet per day.  The lake will be refilled starting February 15, 2022.

 If there are any issues please let me know

Doc Perry 


New Roll-A-Dock at Clubhouse Ramp
 The new Roll-A-Dock is now installed at the Association launch ramp. Thank You Dave Dohring, Bill Harding, George Jackson, Steve Johnson, Jim Nihls, Doc Perry, Blair Wickman and Steve Wilhelm. Looks great and will be so much less work.

Click here to download 2021 Golf Outing Results

Pictures from the July 3, 2021 Boat Parade can be viewed on the "Boat Parade 2021" Page.

 Dam Inspection July 2021.  Thank You Dam Committee for all your hard work!

CLICK HERE to download the June 2021 Association Newsletter

CLICK HERE to download the Application for the 24th Annual WVPOAC Golf Scramble

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Click here to download the Prez Says Message of March 2021

There have been a couple inquiries about the engraved bricks at the clubhouse.  Emmet Brick and Block no longer engraves these but we have found another company out of Traverse City who will do this for us.  He would like to do these in batches if possible.  They do not engrave over the winter, so we are looking at spring/summer to place an order.  The large bricks are 8"x8" and cost $60.00.  The small ones are 4"x8" and cost $40.00.  If you would like to order one please reply VIA EMAIL to the WVPOAC (wvpoac@gmail.com) with the size and what you would like to have engraved on the brick.  If you have any questions let us know.

Thank You


Click Here To Download the most recent message from our Association President

Click here to download the 2020 Wildwood Lake Annual Report by Restorative Lake Services


Benches1.jpgThe two Memorial Benches honoring Frank Shelp and Bob Chadwick were installed at the clubhouse to honor them for their extraordinary service to the Association.

 PREZ SEZ                                                                                                        9/11/2020

Hi All,

Your board met again last week (via ZOOM) and I just want to update you on what’s going on.  But first of all, let me thanks Doc Perry and his team for a great golf outing last Saturday.  We managed to get nine foursomes to play, the weather was just super, everyone had a wonderful time and at this point we raised $2,940 for Brave Hearts Estate and the club.  We know more sponsorships are coming in and we will let you know when we have the final figure.  GREAT JOB DOC!!!!!  Also, congrats to the winners:

First Place         Alan Meyer team with a 29

Second Place    George Jacksons team with a 33

Third Place was a three team tie at 34 Steele team, Romine Team and Adams team.

The Pontoon Social unfortunately had to be postponed due to weather but several boats gathered the next day and enjoyed social distanced socializing at the sand bar.  Thanks for setting it up Ernie!!!  Hopefully we will be able to resurrect the Pontoon Poker Run next year.


Blair tells us that the Lily Pad treatment is tentatively scheduled for 9/15/2020, stay tuned.


   The Lake drawdown committee has already published this but I’ll restate it … they will begin drawing down the lake on 9/15 but only to the top of the dam spillway.  On 10/1 they will begin the actual draw down of 1” per day to a maximum of 24 inches or 11/1/2020, which ever happens first.  It’s a plan that Mother Nature has a big say in, so we’ll see.


  I don’t know if you have been by the clubhouse lately, but the Memorial Benches are installed out front and look great!!


   A few other notes:

-        The BLU payback is at approx. $5135 that means we still need to raise a little over $12000.

-        Membership is currently at 116 (with a couple more coming in) that compares to 115 last year

-        It is pretty evident that the hayride won’t happen, but we are planning a social distancing bon-fire at the clubhouse details are forthcoming.

-        The final golf tally is $2837.84, which means Brave Hearts Estate was given a check for $1425.  A lot less than last year but a lot more than I expected … Great job Doc Perry and team!

-        Bill Stapels had some sample sweatshirts and t-shirts made and they look great! He is planning a roll out on ordering so stay tuned.


  Lastly, Kathie and I were completely shocked when Blair announced that the Board had decided to honor us with the 2020 “Outstanding Effort and Dedication for the Betterment of Our Club” award.  We really appreciate the recognition!



See ya on the Lake!!!





$1000.00 Erika Hendy

$100.00 WINNERS Karen Stapels

   Steve Wilheim 

     Paula Brown 

     Cindi Jackson 

     Jeff Rabbit 

 Congratulations to all! Thank You Cindi Jackson for donating your $100 back to the club


PIKE: Jim Nihls 25"   CATFISH:  Joe Wildberg 13 1/2"   PAN FISH:  Joe Wildberg Blue Gill 8"   SMALL MOUTH BASS:  Joe Wildberg 5 3/4"

LARGE MOUTH BASS:  Dennis McCarthy 19"

Thank You Joe Wildberg for donating your three $25 gift cards back to the club.

Great Day.  Thank you to the two boats who came to watch and the people watching outside.



Winners of the WVPOAC Boat Parade:

1st Place:  Christmas-The Tsakoff Family

2nd Place:  Peter Pan-The Steele Family

3rd Place:  Scooby-Doo-The Nihls Family

Thank you Joyce Spoolstra for all of your work on the parade - it was a great success! 

(Pictures available on the WVPOAC Facebook Page) 

Click here to download the most recent Update from the WVPOAC

The winner of the Early Bird $50.00 Drawing is Jerry Forrester.  Congratulations Jerry!


As of today (4-3-2020) ice is gone from lake.As of today (4-3-2020) ice is gone from lake

Click here to download the WVPOAC March 2020 Newsletter

Hi All (12/8/2019)

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, BOTTOM LANDS UP LLC (BLU) had accepted an offer on lot #186 which was part of their bottom land purchase.  Since then they have closed on the property and have received the proceeds from that sale.  They had determined that the final cost of the transfer of the bottom lands to the WVPOAC to be $17,218.00 (includes all expenditures to date, all income and projected $500.00 expense to dissolve the LLC).

The BLU members subsequently approved a proposal to sell the bottom lands to the WVPOAC via land contract with zero %, zero down and the balance ($17,281) to be paid over the next two years.  I am happy to inform you today that your Board of Directors have approved the BLU proposal and that yesterday (12/7/2019) that land contract was signed by the BLU General Manager Ernie Zack and myself.  We will be discussing how we propose to pay off the land contract at the May meeting.

Thanks for your support

Jim Nihls



Thursday, December 5, 2019:  We didn't quite make our maximum drawdown of 18" by the finish date of December 1st.  We were however able to remove 2 sets of stop logs bringing us to 12" down from the top of the dam.  We have approximately 2" of water flowing over the remaining stop logs as of December 2nd.  The weather over the last 5 days did not help us.  We have set the lower gate for minimum flow and will continue to monitor and make adjustments to the lower gate if necessary throughout the winter.  Our start date for refilling the lake is February 15, 2020.

 Dave D.

Click here to download the WVPOAC November 2019 Newsletter

Drawdown Update:  Just want to share with all of you where we are at with the lake drawdown. We started the draw down process on Saturday, November 2nd. The water was flowing over the dam by 2 in. We opened the lower gate a couple of turns and came back the next day. Well, the water was now flowing over 2 3/4 in over the dam. We opened the lower gate a couple more turns. We have been making some progress by adjusting the lower gate when possible. As of today, November 11th, I am happy to say there is no water flowing over the dam and we are 2 inches below the first stop log. We only have 16 inches to go to reach our target of 18 inches. Our stop date is December 1st as stated in our permit. With some cooperation from Mother Nature we just might make it.


The Dam and Drawdown Committee met today (11/2/19) to review the modified approved permit from EAGLE (DNR/DEQ). The bottom gate was then opened slightly and they will meet tomorrow (11/3/19) to monitor the effects and make adjustments accordingly. For those of you who are new to this process, we must go very slowly to prevent flooding the downstream areas. The modified permit states this year only, we can drawdown until December 1st. It is unknown what we will obtain from this drawdown, as we have less than 30 days. There is currently 2 1/2 inches of water flowing over the top of the dam and the amount of precipitation we receive is obviously also a factor.

The team is working diligently to obtain the maximum drawdown without causing downstream flooding.

Stay tuned


Click Here to download information on House Bills #4362, #4046 and #4361 provided by the Michigan Waterfront Alliance.

The Minutes from the Lakefront Property Owners meeting and the WVPOAC Member Meeting Minutes have been added to the WVPOAC Meeting Minutes page.

Docks at the clubhouse will be removed on Sunday, October 13, 2019. See below info.

Our Annual Hayride will be held on Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 1:30 PM. Meet at the clubhouse.  Also, the next day (Sunday, Oct. 13th) at 10:00 AM we will be removing the docks and cleaning up the shoreline at the clubhouse. Please bring weed wips, rakes, etc. We can use all the hep we can get. Please bring waders and a strong back!

Minutes from the May 2019 Meetings have been added to the Meeting Minutes Page.


BoatParade2019/BP1.jpgWinners of the 2019 WVPOAC Annual Boat Parade! See more pictures on the PICTURES PAGE.

LAKE WEED SURVEY AND TREATMENT: Due to the cold spring weather (no kidding!!!) and therefore little weed growth, the lake survey has been rescheduled for June 24th with the subsequent treatment being performed on June 27th. 

Additionally, we have had inquiries regarding donating to help fund the repayment to the Bottom Lands Up LLC initiative.  If you are interested in doing so, please send your check made out to WVPOAC and mail to: WVPOAC P.O. Box 284 Wolverine, MI 49799. Please write "Bottom Lands Up repayment" on the memo line 

BOAT PARADE & ICE CREAM SOCIAL - July 6, 2019, 2:00 PM.  All forms of boats are welcome. Family friendly fun for ALL. Decide on a theme and decorate your boat and yourselves in that theme. Meet at the clubhouse boat dock by 2:00 PM. We will then proceed around the lake and return to the clubhouse for ICE CREAM. Prizes for the Boat Parade Winners and games for adults and children.

Check out the pictures on the Dam Draw Down Page .

Click Here to download the sign up sheet for the WVPOAC Annual Golf Scramble.


GolfOuting22019.jpgGolfOuting22019.jpgGolfOuting22019.jpgExclusive sign up for WVPOC & BHE members ends July 13, 2019.


 Good morning everybody.  I want to give you all a heads up on an item that will be on the agenda at the up coming May meeting and ask for your support.  Earlier this year Mr. Kotwicki, then the owner of the lake bottom, aproached the club about his intention to sell the bottom lands of the lake with an empty lot on Lakeview Drive.  He asked if the club would like first shot at purchasing the package.  At our meeting in January, the board decided it was in the best interest of the lake to make sure the bottom lands did not end up in the hands of some enterprising individual.  The urgency of the situation dictated that we could not wait for the May meeting to get membership approval to purchase the land.  Consequently, 11 members of the club joined together to form an LLC, known as "BOTTOMSLANDS UP" and put up the funds required to purchase the property and bottom lands.  The transaction was complete in February.  The lot included in the package on Lakeview Drive is currently up for sale and the proceeds will be used to pay back the LLC members who generously put their personal funds up to make this happen.  Our intention is to turn the bottom lands over to the care of the WVPOAC.  We will be asking the membership to authorize payments over time to reimburse the LLC members for the funds used to purchase the land less what is made on the proceeds of the lot.  The LLC will not take a penny more than what it took to consumate this deal.

Thanks in advance for your support


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Click here to download the WVPOAC April 2019 Newsletter

The 2018 Wildwood Lake Aquatic Vegetation, Water Quality and 2019 Management Recommendations Report has been added to the Lake Management Page.

The Minutes from the September 2018 Member Meeting and Riparian Meeting have been added to the WVPOAC Meeting Minutes Page.

Click here to Download the WVPOAC November 2018 Newsletter

The lake drawdown will begin on October 5, 2018.  Total drawdown will be two feet this year.

Minutes from the May 2018 Riparian Meeting and Member Meeting have been added to the WVPOAC Meeting Minutes Page.

Click here to Download the WVPOAC June 2018 Newsletter

Click Here to Download the WVPOAC Clubhouse SOP

Click here to download the 2018 WVPOAC Lake Management Newsletter

Click here to download the April 2018 Newsletter

Minutes for the September 2017 Riparian and Member meeting have been posted on the WVPOAC Meeting Minutes Page.

Daily Pike limits in Wildwood Lake: You may take up to 5 Northern Pike of any size with only 1 greater than 24" allowed. Click Here to see the regulations from the 2018 Michigan Fishing Guide

Click Here to download the December 2017 Newsletter

UPDATE: Line 5 at the Straits of Mackinaw. Click here to download the article from the recent edition of Current Reflections Newsletter.

Battle on Invasive Mussels Continues. Click here to download the article from the most recent issue of Current Reflections Newsletter

The work party scheduled for Saturday, November 4th has been changed to Friday, November 3rd at 10:00 AM due to projected inclement weather (snow & ice).

There will be a work party to put a fresh coat of paint on the clubhouse and to replace some of the trim. Work will also be done on the shed which is need of some fresh wood. If you can help please be at the clubhouse on Saturday, September 23, 2017 at 9:30 AM.

Denny Gallagher is organizing a shore clean up at the clubhouse. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  It will be on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at 9:00 AM.  Please bring any tools you think might be helpful in this effort.  If you can help plese let Denny know at: dennyg637@comcast.net.


Minutes from the May 2017 Riparian and Member Meeting have been added to the WVPOAC Meeting Minutes Page. 

As a result of our successful Annual Golf Scramble held in July of this year the Wildwood Valley Property Owners Association and Club represented by Cindi and George Jackson, Jim and Kathie Nihls and Bob and Nancy Nickodemus recently presented Paula Brown from Operation Injured Soldiers Brave Hearts Estate in Pellston, MI a check for $2700.00 from the proceeds of our outing. The WVPOAC want to thank all of our hole sponsors and supporters for making the outing a success.

Click here to download the WVPOAC May 2017 Newsletter

The clubhouse addition is almost complete. Just waiting for the counter tops to be installed. Thank you Dave Dohring and Bob Chadwick for all your hard work.  The eight year project included the addition, new roof, well and septic, cabinets, men's and women's rest rooms, new furnace, hot water and flooring.  Thank you also to our officers and board members for seeing this project through to its completion.


Click Here to download the WVPOAC Lake Management Plan Newsletter

Click Here to download the November 2016 WVPOAC Newsletter

Minutes from the September 4, 2016 Riparian Meeting and the WVPOAC Member Meeting have been added to the WVPOAC Meeting Minutes Page. 

Watershed Council Awarded $641,000 to Battle Zebra and Quagga Mussels. Click here to read the article from the current edition of Current Reflections.

Don't forget to sign up for the Annual Golf Scramble to be held on July 16, 2016. Members exclusive sign up period ends on July 2, 2016. After that any unfilled spots will be open to non members. Sign up info and form can be found by downloading the current Association Newsletter (June 2016). 

The meeting minutes from the Riparian Meeting and the WVPOAC Annual Meeting held on May 29, 2016 have been added to the "WVPOAC Meeting Minutes" page. 

Click here to download the June 2016 Association Newsletter

The 2016 schedule for chemical treatment of the lake has been posted on the "Lake Management Plan" page.

Click here to download the March 2016 Newsletter

Pictures from the 2015 Annual Hayride have been added to the "Pictures" page. Enjoy!!

  Minutes from the September Semi-Annual meeting have been added to the WVPOAC Meeting Minutes Page

Click here to download the October 2015 Association Newsletter

Quagga mussels in Michigan waters. Click here to download an article from the recent issue of Current Reflections by Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.

The Minutes from the Annual Membership meeting on 5/24/2015 and the Riparian Meeting on 5/23/2015 have been posted on the WVPOAC Meeting Minutes Page.

Chemical treatment for the weeds is scheduled for July 14th - weather permitting.


The boat parade scheduled for July 4th has been cancelled.


To let you know Restorative Lake Sciences was on the lake yesterday performing the weed study we will keep you informed as to when the treatment will take place.

Thank you

 WVPOAC board

 6/16/15: The nets were set by the DNR this morning they will pull and reset both Wed. and Thurs mornings and then they will remove the nets on Thursday night.

The loons have 2 babies and have been proudly taking them around the lake.

Today the lake level was measured at approximately 16 inches below the spillway.


 6/15/15:  I received the below notice about 10 minutes ago.  Also, as of Saturday the lake was at 17-18 inches below the spillway, due to the recent rain.



Good morning All.


DNR-Fish Division will be surveying Wildwood Lake this week (June 15-18, 2015).  They plan on accessing the lake via the POA launch.  Monday afternoon they will set nets.  The nets will be pulled and reset TuesdayWednesdayThursday the nets will be pulled and removed from the lake at the close of the survey.  The nets are marked to prevent boaters and anglers from tangling in them.  I understand there maybe curiosity to peak in the nets, however please stay away from the nets.  Fish Division will prepare a report post-survey that will be shared with you.  Please note the written report is not generated immediately after the lake survey since Fish Division is busy with other field work this time of year. 


Hopefully this weekend’s rain helped boost the lake level.



Roxanne Merrick

Department of Environmental Quality,

Water Resources Division

2100 West M-32, Gaylord, MI 49735

tele 989-313-9701; fax 989-731-6181


The DNR Fisheries Division would like to conduct a fish study on Wildwood Lake.  As soon as they inform us of the date we will communicate to you.
The lake level as of Sunday May 31st  is down 22 inches and has reached the bottom stop log. 

Kathie Nihls

Click here to download the May 2015 Association Newsletter

Don't forget to sign up for the WVPOAC Annual Golf Scramble on July 18, 2015. Click here to download the information.

 The President's comments regarding the dam draw down have been moved to the Lake Management Plan page.

Click here to view the DNR comments on lake fish kill

Click Here to Download the March 2015 Newsletter

Minutes from our meetings are now available to view/print on the "WVPOAC Meeting Minutes" page.

Blair has reported that due to unfavorable lake conditions, the stump cutting work detail has been canceled.
However, the stump cutting party is on at the clubhouse at 4 PM, bring a dish to pass, BYOB and dress warm as our addition has not yet been insulated. The furnace will be on!

Our annual stump cutting work detail will be on Saturday, January 24, 2015 - weather permitting.  Meet at the Gallagher's (15144 Lakeview Dr.) at 12:00 noon.  If the weather does not cooperate we will still have our annual party at 3:00 PM at the Clubhouse.  Please bring a dish to pass and BYOB.

Click here to download information on Snowmobiles (Rules, Hand Signals, Rider Safety and Restaurants on the trail. File is a pdf. If you do not have an Adobe Reader you can download one for free at Adobe.com)

What's the word on Watermilfoil? Click here to download the article from the most recent issue of "Current Reflections" magaine (Tip Of The Mitt Watershed Council). Wildwood Lake is mentioned.

Help out the Association by becoming a member of the "Significant Donor Campaign."  Contact any Association Officer or Director for additional details. Edit Text


Click Here to download the November 2014 Association Newsletter

The Special Assessment District Public Hearing was held on October 12, 2014 at the WVPOAC club house. The Lake Management Plan Assessment will be $147 per lot per year for the next 8 years. Thank you for all your support and we thank the Township Board for all of their work and support.


Click here to download the notice of Hearing On Assessment Page 1

Click here to download the notice of Hearing On Assessment Page 2

The drawdown of the lake will begin on October 1, 2014 and the dock at the Clubhouse launch ramp will be removed on Tuesday, October 7th.

Click Here to download the July 2014 Asociation Newsletter.

 Did you know that if you were born after December 31, 1978 and are at least 16 years of age you need a boating safety certificate to legally operate a PWC?  (i.e. SeaDoo, Jet Ski, etc.)  See the "Boating In Michigan" page for more info.

Check out the pictures from the 2014 Boat Parade on the "Boat Parade Page"


 Aerial Graphics is offering pictures of Wildwood Lake for sale. They currently offer three sizes: 11x14 - $59.50; 18x20 - $69.50; 20x24 - $79.50. Price includes free shipping.  Framing is also available. If you are interested they can be contacted at 800-780-3686 or visit their web site at www.aerialgraphics.com

Northern Michigan Pipelines. Click here to download file

Several new items have been added to the Club History Page. Check them out!

The amended Association By-Laws as approved by the membership on May 26, 2013 are now available. Click here to download file. (A link to the file has also been placed on the Property Owners Assoc. page).

Some members have observed these in our lake. Click here to download.

Most Wanted Aquatic Invasive Plants. Click here to view.

New "CLUB HISTORY" page. I added a couple documents you may find interesting. Please forward any historical documents to me and I will post them on this page. 


Welcome Sign at Molineaux and Wurm Rd.

Association Clubhouse





Help out the Association by becoming a member of the "Significant Donor Campaign."  Contact any Association Officer or Director for additional details.

Wildwood Lake